Saturday, 22 September 2007


The morning disappeared with a walk in the sunshine along the seafront, picked up the paper. Came home had breakfast went down the town and amongst other things. Paid a fortune for a genuine Epson black ink cartridge for my 'dear old' printer. Half as much again and I can buy the latest state of the art all singing all dancing modern jobbie. Trouble is I am going to have to upgrade the CPU to the new duel core next year. My present equipment is doing the job but it's slow or I'm getting much faster in my operation of the equipment I've got! Don't think so, there are many more progs and apps that require processing and memory that I didn't have a year ago. When it comes to upgrading from XP to Vista I think the whole thing will collapse just when I'm pushed for time. So I think a late Christmas present or early birthday present will be in order for 2008.
The new student has arrived so I'd better show him where the school is and then it's time for feeding!

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