Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Dentist and Spoon

Just got back from a trip to the dentist... As nice as they are at my dental practice; I still feel a fear which I can't explain. It doesn't get any better with age and the latest technology does nothing to reduce the apprehension that builds up from thinking about it; days or even weeks before. The funny thing is, you know that if you experience dental pain they will make you feel better after a few visits. Doesn't make any difference but anyway all's now well and I can give that confident smile again until the next time!
Spoon has settled in as usual and is now ruling the house and everybody in it. He comes first for mealtimes and has decided to keep changing where he'll settle for this visit. This means that his special blanket has to be moved each time otherwise you get a tell tale trace of black cat hair for some unsuspecting soul to sit on! He makes the most of somebody always being at home, this is not what he's used to so, of course, feeding is lttle and often, He's good to talk to although the conversation is a bit one sided!
I can hear movement downstairs and my tum is rumbling so it must be feeding time or very close to it.

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