Tuesday, 20 November 2007

last night's fondue evening...

Another successful 'soiree' as you can see! The top two photos show Peter as head chef with his friend Dimitri as his assistant in creating the culinary 'cheesy' delights for the group shown in the third photo, to enjoy. As can be seen by the wine drunk by the cooks, there was a liberal amount flowing during preparation and the feasting. Don't let the coke bottle on the table in the forground fool you. Peter is to be congratulated for organising the evening...well done!
The extra guests entertained were invited from the school and are part of the current attendees there at the moment with most of them going home for the holidays. Some, like two of mine; will be returning for the new year on 6th January 2008. Alas, Peter will be leaving for his home on the 22nd of next month, I hope he'll be able to return soon.

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