Saturday, 24 November 2007 a virtue?

Do you know this technology when working is a boon, when it isn't it's a pain in the a**e. At least I'm learning patience, something I haven't been very good at!
On picking up the paper this morning one of the enclosures that dropped out was a little book called 'Google for dummies' and there's mee thinking it was just another search engine, Think again, it would appear they can do almost anything associated with computing on the blessed internet. I thought I'd spend a bit of time updating my knowledge on things like U tube etc. About ...hours later I hadn't even tried to upload any of my efforts I was too busy viewing other peoples! Including some local efforts from Ramsgate. I'm sure I could probably do as well if not better than the efforts I have seen. It's given me confidence to have a go, so watch this space in the future and I'll tell you of my virtual cyber adventures...
Other than that, winter is coming it's getting colder and darker ot there.

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