Sunday, 2 December 2007

I don't believe it...!

Amazing isn't it? I only get one new set of Xmas decs this year and guess what; they don't work. Yesterday, I tested the lights as I took them from the box, worked perfectly. Attached them to spell out 'Merry Christmas' every letter is either red or green and inside each letter are state of the art energy saving LED's. Tested them in the daylight, perfect. Came back at 4pm, switched on, marvellous, then the green ones went out, grrr...

This morning, I thought I'll replace the rechargeable batteries with freshly charged ones ('cos I'm trying to be a green energy saving citizen). They work, so lets see what happens at 4pm when it's dark. It reminds me of when the children were small and this place was decorated for and with them, like Alladins Cave! When you took the decs down on twelfth night (what a job) they worked perfectly or you new which pygmy bulbs wanted replacing for the next year, reds were always the ones that popped most frequently. Then the following year when the boxes came down from the loft and you unpacked them to retrieve the seasonal goodies it would take forever unravelling and testing the lights. Sometimes they'd be binned in frustration and a new set purchased. The only ones to remain the same over all those years were the home made string of pygmy bulbs and now I can't find them, they must be there somewhere but I haven't got the same incentive of small children these days wanting 'their' decorations put up.

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