Wednesday, 5 December 2007

love soup... plus

Thought I'd watch some TV last night. Spooks on BBC 1 has been getting more and more 'edge of seat stuff' and when Ros came back to life, well I was half expecting it but couldn't see how they'd bring her back...brilliant stuff! They're doing a re-run of Love Soup over on BBC4 and I caught the first repeat last week. I remember watching the first showing of the series some two years ago and thought then how interesting the concept of the writer David Renwick to put two similar people together for the audience to see. They of course, don't know they exist. Click on for a synopsis and some clips. Unfortunately Verity Lambert who produced this series and many more for the BBC died recently.
The decorative lights sre still working but they do use some battery power just as well I've got rechargeable AA's and they're only on for a few hours in the evening!

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