Thursday, 13 December 2007

'silver surfers' and the stress of it all...!

After the grandchildren's Christmas concert, I've been copying all the stuff both movie and still onto CD's for the various rellies and friends who'll require the full monty. In other words not just the good ones that are published on the web but those that didn't make it from the 'cutting room' floor. It may be alright for those 'young things' who know what they're doing and can just push a few buttons etc. Still, it's definitely a very steep learning curve but fun and as one of my correspondents said I'm in the ranks of the 'silver surfers'. We get there but it just takes a bit longer now...
I know it's that time of year, if you want anything done, forget it until and I quote 'the start of next year'.I've just received confirmation of work that was done by British Gas here in November and they've just found the relevent paperwork. Maybe that's the same all year round with the big, big conglomerates. Something to do with the left and right hands and the memory banks!
A few posts ago I was talking about the re-runs on channel BBC 4 TV of Love Soup and how much I enjoyed it the second time around. They showed the last one of the series last night, it was excellent and although they were in the same theatre, there were several rows of seats between them and they were unaware of each other being at the same venue. During the credits, the announcer informed us that a new series was going to be aired on BBC1 TV next year, marvellous and I look forward to seeing what should be some brilliant TV.

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