Thursday, 31 January 2008

A little wind leads to research...

Today as most of us up here on East Cliff will be aware has resulted in yours truly staying in and notching up the heating! I thought I'll 'bone up' on the submissions and plans for the sea front site. It was suggested I follow Michael Child's links on . Well if you've got the time and interest go there. I followed the Planning and Design pages 1 to 9 and at the end of it was a lot wiser as to the intentions of the developers even to keeping the rooves of the development below the cliff top and landscaped for the residents to use. No, like most of the residents of the area, I'm no professional planner but it looks as though a lot of work has been done to try and cover the various serious objections to the development.
Thanks for all of your very helpful research Michael and taking the time to publish the material in an easily accessible form on your site. Maybe you and a few fellow bloggers could join together and put in a sensible tender for us to access all those interesting things that seem to be buried in Cecil Square and Maidstone.

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