Friday, 8 February 2008

'past times' and 'emergency works'

Found the above photo on:

If you look closely in front of the bandstand and slightly to the left on the seaward side. You can make out the roof top (never to be seen again) of the Marina cafe. The boulevard in comparison to today's shambles is almost idylic (the postcard is pre 1920's). Still, that's enough dreaming...

Today they've boarded up the openings and were shoring up what's left on the left. Presumably so it doesn't topple over and take the rest of the terrace with it!
So Notice 1 has been complied with to carry out 'emergency works' now there's just Notice 2 'the building be put back in its original state'. Any one out there taking bets on the outcome and what's the timescale involved?

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