Thursday, 4 September 2008

Me contentious...... I think not!!

At least my favourite book man missed me..... My local knowledge has been enhanced Michael by being a regular subscriber to your blog.

That's not to say my chuckles have not been raised to loud laughter at some of the excellent banter emanating from our blogmaster ECR and the comments he raises from his subscribers of which I'm one. I'm afraid I don't have the information or intimate knowledge of the local council and its members to be able to comment on the 'goings on' that seem to happen and of which those 'in the know' are a party to either knowingly or by accident.

I did say I'd comment on the happenings or non happenings prior to my absence from the scene. They seem to have completed the shrouding of the Marina cafe site in scaffold, tin sheet and polythene so I hope the clock will move faster for the replacement of the building than is usual for the area, 'cos it is listed, isn't it and will be replaced exactly as it was?

The Pleasurama site having completed the access road and roundabout to NOWHERE! Has come to a standstill with nothing being allowed to occupy the site over the summer period, because its not safe to let people into the area. A seafront prime site has been left with piles of rubble to welcome both us residents and the visitors. There were people taking names of prospective buyers of the new Royal Sands development a few weeks ago. Simulations of the intended buildings and services were being shown. The concrete cliff front has been painted as far as the development ending; with the rest, just left. Why?
The same above for the excellent railings which end for some reason abruptly. Why?
Where the painting has taken place, a cracked area has been left with the new top walkway 'temporarily' fenced off. I've put the word in itallics and quotes because the last lot of temporary fencing in the area lasted a long, long, long time! I'm told the cracked area on the concrete cliff face is the result of instability of the cliff behind it. But, the area has been renewed and the top walkway resurfaced prior to being given a coat of paint on the front. Hasn't it? Why?
I'm intrigued to know what the prospective customers of the flats and amenities that the Royal Sands offers are going to do about insuring their lovely new properties? It would appear the whole site will be uninsurable if the means of escape from either flood, fire or any other mishap is not available. The hotel and retail premises will obviously be in the same boat, won't they,? Why?
I think I've raised enough questions for today, hopefully somebody out there has some answers to all of even some of the questions I've asked? Back tomorrow with some more personal comments and the questions they raise.

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