Saturday, 29 September 2007

Bikes and other things...

Up at the crack of dawn to take Peter (student) to the bike shop. Last weekend he had a flat tyre with the machine the school had loaned him. He ran all the way from Richborough to here, pushing the bike!! Upon inspection last Monday, the machine was past its prime and was not the type of machine that a serious bike rider would use. Alright from here to the school and back but not an 'offroader' to go around Kent... So this morning we took a pre-arranged trip to Ken's Bike Shop in Margate. The pair of them obviously knew what they were talking about and a very happy Peter is now the proud owner of a second-hand but well looked after multi gear, super suspension piece of machinery. At the same time it was suggested he should buy and use a heavy duty bike lock, you could probably lock up my van with this thing it looks so strong but better safe than sorry with the interest in 'bike borrowing' that takes place. He's gone with his lunch pack to find pubs and places of interest around the Kent coastline. One of his trips has been to Canterbury and back on the old boneshaker! Last weekend he got as far as Herne Bay and Dover when he had his problem with the old bike. I'm looking forward to hearing of his adventures later today when he returns for the evening meal! The things I seem to get involved with to keep the guests happy...all part of the fun... I took some details of the shop and next time I'm asked for two-wheel transport to buy or hire I'll know where to go and who to see.

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