Sunday, 16 September 2007

sssh..sun's still shining!

Yup, don't shout. They forecast rain and chilly for next week. So far it's lovely. So why you ask am I blogging when I should be sunning...
Got to make the most of the technology while it's still working. Thought I'd better do what I can on the magic machinery before it decides to keep me waiting!
Didn't get to bed until 2 this morning having been advised the student expected at 9 this evening had arrived at Stansted yesterday evening... Makes you despair doesn't it? The funny thing is they blame them and the other way round. The end product is the new guest is still asleep in bed and I've got to be quiet; no Sunday cleaning or renovations!
First thing this morning I thought I'd better complete the 'snagging' list ready for my surveyor's visit next week. This is the continuing saga of the outside repairs and renovations, the Operations Manager is back from his hols next week and will be visiting with his assistant to view the problems I've been left with. Still, more on that at a later date...

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