Sunday, 21 October 2007

I can't believe it....

Has it really been a week since the last entry. Apart from doing the normal routines here, I got lost in France the other day. Got to the checkin and presented the documantation from the e mail booking. Clerk: Hello Sir; you're 2 days late would you still like to go? Me: Yes please. So Steve duly paid the extra change of booking fee and we boarded the ferry. Got off at the other end onto the road and about half hour later realised we had missed the turn off. Turned round and during the process met a large French goods vehicle flashing his lights we were in a one way street going the wrong way! Finally found our destination, had lunch, shopped and realised with the time difference they're 1 hour ahead, we had missed the booked return ferry. No problem, we caught the next one. Got plenty of photos some of which I've published on the web site, can't give you any here at the moment 'cos there's a fault on the photo uplift to the blogsite! I'll continue tomorrow and endeavour to use some photos. Wish me luck... I've heard from Marina with some photos of her antics so tomorrow I'll say more.

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