Tuesday, 6 November 2007

all change with Sky...

Just got a mailing from Sky to say they're about to change their 'set up' to make their service in conjunction with 'Google' easier to send and receive e mailings! Their letter begins and I quote:
The countdown has begun, we will be moving your Sky Email to your new Sky Email and Tools 'powered by Google'. Below is everything you need to know about the move.
What you need to know
Between 7 November 2007 and 13 November 2007, your account will be switched to the new Sky Email and Tools service, which means:

God help me... please!
I look forward to the event with some degree of terror... This morning the monthly Sky statement arrived with a covering letter to say 'they are going greener'. On further reading, the postal statement will appear on the TV as part of their interactive services as well as on their website. Another nail in the coffin of the postal service as we know it! A lot of paper invoices and statements that used to come through the letterbox in my front door now arrive in my e mail 'mailbox'. Most of the stuff that comes through the front door is unsolicited rubbish and is consigned straight to the re-cycle box with yesterday's newspapers. True without things like firewalls and the like I used to get long lists of junk turn up on my e mail. If anybody experiences any problems with my e mail over the next few days remember I've just mastered what I've got now so please be patient...

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