Thursday, 8 November 2007

it's arrived & changes completed, well almost...!!

On Tuesday I went and picked up the completed building surveyors report on the external works completed here. Well, using surveyors 'techno speak' it was a load of b++++++s and the contractors who want paying, best come back and do the job properly! This time they will work under the supervision of a Chartered Surveyor and complete the repairs and then redo the job to his satisfaction. I copied the report and sent it by recorded delivery to their address for the attention of the 'Operations Director', one of those people who came down waving papers and telling me it was an 'excellent job'!

The same day the Christmas stamp issue arrived and they're beautiful. Go onto the website via my list of favourite sites on the right of this blog page. I know the holidays are not far away when the stamp First Day of Issue arrives.

The new Sky technical stuff seems to have gone with no hitches. At the moment there's no sign of my address book. I'm told 'not to worry, it'll arrive shortly'. mmm...

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