Friday, 18 January 2008

bargains for the old 'uns....

After my comment last Sunday about the possible demise of Boots in the High Street due to the imminent opening of the Tesco pharmacy. Not possible says a reader due to the 'druggy brigade' needing their emergency treatments from a central source that was easily accessable to all. Well, as I replied at the time: I couldn't possibly get involved with insider information like that.

I had occasion to go in the the said emporium to get some vitamin tablets today. No comments please; at my age they help! I went to the till at the dispensary counter and a very helpful assistant said did I know about the special offers for customers over 60? It was then explained to me that if I changed my Advantage card to the new version I could get the discount today.... Instead of paying £14 the actual cost was £7. Now that's what I call a bargain and no worries if you're not over 60, if you still register they'll give you 10% off Boots branded stuff. Maybe I'll just stick to Tesco's for my prescription stuff 'cos I shop there anyway once a week and continue to patronise Boots Emporium while in the town; for all those little pharmaceutical extras... if it stays there that is, after giving away deals like that!


Mrs Tara Plumbing said...

Good for you getting a bargain.
We had a series of vouchers for 20% off at Sainsbury recently!
Of course we used them.

We know there is no such thing as a free carrier bag...

What upsets me about all these 'loyalty' cards is:
1. the need to carry 100's of plastic cards around;
2. that things are over priced to pay for discount schemes - generally, if they can afford to sell to you for £7 they could sell to everyone at £7!

I get annoyed with the 3 for the price of 2 offers. If i only wanted 1 item I must be paying too much.
If i only wanted 2 items, I'm still paying too much and getting a third item that I don't want but may give to the school tombola.

Generally, I find all these special discounts so annoying...

Anonymous said...

Boots have always known how to compete well. In scale they should not have stood a chance against the likes of Tesco and Asda (etc etc) but they have always seen off all comers consistently and with flair. Whatever their secret business formula is it has yet to fail them.

Mitch said...

Hi Mrs TP,
While agreeing with your comments and you're right, nothing is for free. Having probably paid over the odds for most things in the UK compared to our foreign neighbours who seem to get anything from cars to food cheaper, it's nice to occasionally be offered a bargain from the most unlikely places!

The problem is the age barrier and thses companies have more than made a good profit out of my purchases over the years before I finally reached the magic 60. We silver surfers get most things cheaper from hols, insurance, and that lovely winter fuel allowance. Yippee roll on 65 for some more!

Anonymous said...

I'm engraving your name in the marble as you blog.
Small minded smallsville, tedious and tiresome, woolly headed ill-informed thinking ...enjoy your retirement privately please.

Mitch said...

Hi Anon,
OK, will do..... but it ain't half cold down here! Come in?