Wednesday, 16 January 2008

...blowing a hooly! and the results...

I'm glad I went to the town yesterday to do my shopping and complete those little essential tasks you have to do personally i.e. not over the i/net!

Just finished looking at ECR's photos of a local Eastcliff building horror known as Gateway Court where they seem to have lost some roofing which has landed nicely on one or two vehicles parked in their carpark. Don't get me wrong and it's just a personal opinion but the building has always looked like the proverbial 'barrack block' with no saving graces about it at all! Sorry encumbent residents but maybe when you look around our Eastcliff area at some of the modern appartment blocks, they appear to be in more sympathy with their surroundings unlike Gateway Court... They've even started to reduce the height of Dormans Folly. Well scaffold's up anyway.

Just put the phone down from talking to someone who wants to come here from Turkey, his visa hasn't been issued yet. Excuse me but I thought we were on good terms with Istanbul at the moment, have I got it wrong?

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