Sunday, 13 January 2008

a date or two... and some intelligent guess work!

At last the local freebie paper tells us the casino will move to its new luxury premises at Westwood Cross giving the area lots of jobs at the end of February!

Just in time for another summer season, we should have another black spot for all of these tourists we intend to attract to our area, to admire. We're told the local council owns the property and expects it to be returned to them at the end of the lease in 2 years time... At the moment it's an eyesore with the encumbent tenant still in residence. What's it going to look at the end of 2 years emptiness? The Motor Museum site comes to mind on the other cliff, at least Pleasurama will have good company in its derelict state and the council intends to withdraw funding from the Maritime Museum as well. By next year, God help us 'cos the council doesn't seem to be capable of organising a p**s up in a brewery.

There's some truth in that 'cos all those years ago their predecessors allowed the local brewery (Tomson & Wotton) to be sold for development giving us our Waitrose horror at the top of Queen Street...

While I'm in the mood let's welcome the new pharmacy being built at Tesco, great for me I can pick up my prescriptions at the same time as I do my weekly shop. Let's see how long it'll be before Boots decides to close their super Ramsgate emporium and maybe a few of the other branches on Thanet. Am I being pesamistic, I think not. Their prescription department at the Ramsgate branch is a busy part of the set up there (remember how they revamped that area within the store not too long ago?) and draws people in to spend in other departments. Remeber you saw it here when it happens. Notice 'when' not 'if'...

Stop moaning Mitch, it could be worse! Could it?


Thanet Observer said...

Boots in Ramsgate won't close its Pharmacy Dept, where would all the local druggies go to get their daily dose of methadone?

I was unfortunate enough to be waiting for a prescription in there on New Years Eve, and I had to wait ages as the Pharmacist on duty had to administer the doses to the 6 or 7 waiting 'clients', and give them an extra days supply for New Years Days as Boots were going to be closed I presume.

What made the waiting worse was listening to the 'clients' bartering with each other in full hearing of the Pharmacy Dept over buying each others spare doses before they'd even been handed out!

And as the Pharmacist gave each of them their little green liquid in a plastic cup, they had a little chat ..." Have a good Christmas?" the Pharmacist enquired to each one.

When they were all done I finally got to have my prescription checked, and then my name was called, and the bag handed over. (Didn't ask me if i had a nice Christmas!)

So unless the government is going to give out taxi fares for our drug addicts to get to Westwood Cross, Boots in Ramsgate is safe.

Mitch said...

Hiya Thanet Obs..
Excellent point to which I can't possibly comment! Other than to say
watch the High Street 'cos your ending comment about taxi fares may not be too far from the truth, maybe.
Did you have a good holiday?