Monday, 7 January 2008

here we go and 'quaint' area

The weekend saw the influx of people to our part of the globe starting another busy year here. They come to study, go visiting, and generally enjoy themselves here. They do, as they remind me; with their mailings and photos of their stay long after they've left our shores for their homeland. It used to be post cards and the occasional phone call but most people have net connections and I get thoughts from around the world.

Even my friends and relations keep reminding me how lucky I am to live here away from the hurly burly of city life. I admit, when on my seaside walks I wouldn't like to go back to spending my days in London. Done it! I spent over 30 years in the capital, when the family were small it had to be the place to go and earn a good living. I spent 2 years commuting between London and Ramsgate until I could afford to stop and one day it happened!

Over the weekend, a friend of mine used the expression 'quaint' on his return from a 4 hour walk round the area. I think that says it all.

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