Wednesday, 30 January 2008

lovely day...for activities on Thanet!

The weather here today makes you glad to live by the sea side. Went down the front to investigate the latest goings on. The machinery was 'buzzing' about so I ventured down through the gardens past the waterfall for a first hand view. They seem to be making access in front of the lift and behind the shacks to allow for construction vehicles to 'come and go'. It doesn't seem long ago the steps and paving were completed as part of the new European image sea front, part of that has gone now!
Walked back through the town down Harbour Street where Crusties and the Italian Restaurant place was still being 'transformed' after the fire. All this activity; the 105 bedroom hotel opening at Minster and another portion of money being made available from the South East development people for a further business park to be built, it's all happening: isn't it?


Anonymous said...

I'm still wondering what to make of it. You've seen more of the world than I have so perhaps you would care to comment on if you think it will make a difference to Thanet?

Mitch said...

Hiya mattb,
Having waited and watched all of my friends areas move on while we stood still in our part of the country; anything that shows movement and encourages the area and its people to enjoy some of the modern facilities has to be a must for me. It's a personal opinion but let's go for it but properly and safely. After all this time, over 30 years we can afford perhaps to be patient and get it right! What say you? Did I sense a trace of ageism creeping in or was it respect for the aged?