Saturday, 1 March 2008

...the elusive Lantern

The 'Lantern'

The 'Iron Duke'

Patience is a virtue so they say... Look what arrived, a picture of the elusive lantern in its entirety complete with someone looking at the photographer. But perhaps admiring what must have been something beautiful and unusual.

A photo of the 'Iron Duke' with the building on the right now rendered to protect the brickwork which was beginning to look 'sad' in the 'Belle Vue' days. The lack of flowers and signwriting on the pub with the disappearance of the tall balcony roofing on the next door building completes the change. The iron street furniture has also long since gone...the Lantern was still there though! I'll try and take a photo of what's left, next week.

I've also managed to get a photo of early Bellevue Road with a furniture shop, electrical contractors showroom, chemist and a dairy. What a local shopping centre it must have been! I'll publish it next time.

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