Saturday, 15 March 2008


Well that's my excuse for not publishing anything lately. I daren't use the word 'quiet', all hell breaks loose when I do.

I've been 'surfing' to see what's going on out there in 'webland'. I must admit Michael doesn't let me down when it comes to interesting graphics and photos of our town. His latest prints take you back maybe 200 years and what a different place. Elsewhere in England the Industrial Revolution was taking place with its smoke and fire. Not here, until somebody decided the 'working folk' should take a holiday by the 'seaside' and then there were some changes made !

I must admit to not being aware of the pre Victorian era when certainly in this area life was so much slower.

Of course now that winter's finished and spring is in the air, Easter is almost upon us. The outdoor life calls... doesn't it ? Maybe, I'll be out tidying and planting over the holiday even though it's early this year. I've been asked for more colour, front and back !

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