Friday, 21 March 2008

Easter hols have arrived....I'm depressed....

With all the eggs, toys, buns and stuff that's been around since Christmas we can now get involved as that time of the year has arrived, a little earlier than usual!

Every year I endeavour to explain; Good Friday and Easter Sunday to my foreign students and the stare I receive tells me 'he's barmy it must be his age' says it all!

I see Thanet Beer Festival is starting over at the Winter Gardens in Margate, that should keep the local constabulary and QEQM busy over the 4 day holiday just the attraction the area needs...

Plenty of activity at the Marina Restaurant site, putting up scaffold poles, beams and planks. Pity they didn't think of doing that before pulling most of it down!!

Looks as though the Pavillion will follow the Motor Museum and become a derelict building of interest. At the prices that are being talked about, can't see anyone stumping up that kind of cash before pouring more in, to open the doors. Maybe more demolition sorry.... conservation work is called for?

Am I being depressive? Having just come back from the 'stockbroker' side of the county and seeing the money that's coming in there for it's residents and visitors. It strikes me that something is wrong despite having recently received the increased council tax, water, electricity and gas bills for less service than before.

That's it, it's that time of year when the government (Local and National) books have to balance, depression will be lifted. I feel better already for my little moan...

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