Saturday, 13 September 2008

under the time to think! much for my good intentions of having a wander round the area with my camera. Spent most of the latter part of this week suffering from aches and pains! One of my neighbours noticed I'd been hobbling about and offered some sage advice about 'old age'. Trouble is I've got so many things to do! I can't think about putting too much on 'the back burner' otherwise it piles up!

Anyway, somebody's got to do the weekly visit to the supermarket temples otherwise we starve...
It made me think about shopping locally; no point. I can't park and to walk any great distance at the moment is painful. So the big shopping area wins again. Not only am I able to park with impunity but they're giving vouchers for cheap fuel and as I'm going on a long distance journey next month that'll do very nicely. Yes, I tried to price it up in cash and convenience going by train or bus, when I'd got to double the cost by using public transport and more agrevation changing connections in London, I stopped. Let the motor vehicle take the strain from door to door with my glad rags hung up so they don't crease!
I do try to do the communal thing, it costs me money and convenience.

Town centres came about because people in the past wanted them, everything in one place and within easy walking distance of their home. King Street in Ramsgate was an example with shops running the length of it on both sides leading to the town centre. Different now with most of the retail buildings being converted or rebuilt as accommodation, why? Because people don't want to buy most of their stuff locally. They can meet their friends and perhaps have coffee and patronise those individual or unusual shops. Call into their special greengrocer or butcher for something small and carryable. Those that have transport or can use the bus; go the the hypermarkets and shops and multiple stores close by. Most weekly shopping is completed in one visit or for those that enjoy a browse, it's all close at hand with no parking worries. For now it's what people want and are prepared to support with their custom. When they don't things will change and that is 'evolution' which for those business's that are 'on the ball', will take advantage of.

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