Wednesday, 1 October 2008

here we are again...

It looks as though yesterday's effort was labeled with the correct day. I saved what I'd managed and then edited it this morning and posted with the relevant comments added.

I was trying to thank Nethercourt for his comment we reference to our problem and if it's interfearing with his social life, that's a serious matter!

I must admit to being very much in the dark with these 'technical' misdemeanours. My mind is still firmly stuck in the 'button A and button B' age and to think all this information along with phone calls and TV comes along the same piece of copper wire that's been dangling from my house to the telegraph pole that's been there for the last 30 years plus is nothing short of a miracle! Enough...'cos it can only get better and maybe I'll absorb a bit more....hmmm!

At least the transport situation has improved; started on the button at 4 am this morning and got me back here from Gatwick 4 hours later. So let's hope the next marathon 410 miles at the week end goes OK. I'm glad it's diesel and not petrol. I manage a little over 50 mpg on a run so it doesn't quite 'break the bank'. Sorry, wrong metaphor at this moment in time!

Had a personal visit from a neighbour who's interested in the possible development behind Gina Court AKA Mount Albion House. She too, had read Michael's blog and his publishing of Don Long's various narratives about our area. I directed her to two other people in the viscinity who'd be more up to date with what's going on there, if anything.

Good that our communications are producing results and creating local interest. Let's keep it going.

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