Thursday, 2 October 2008

surfing...aha and an alien....

When things go 'pear shaped' technically I mean... It's good to search and read all those 'political and contentious' offerings that pervade the blog site airwaves. It's interesting to note the stuff that 'might happen' vs the stuff that 'has happened'. I suppose when factual news is quiet, a bit of scandel or 'truth stretching' makes for interesting reading. This month should certainly see a few questions answered but I think our local problems will be sorted out and of course the cost of these decisions will be borne by us the tax payers and more decisions will be made to please some and upset others!

One of my students went home yesterday and phoned me as I asked him to; when he got back to his family. On September 3rd he travelled to London to apply for a transit visa from the Belgian authorities. No problem they said so he left his passport and paid the fee, got a receipt and came back here. Last weekend he'd heard nothing and was due to leave October 1st, another trip to London to collect what they had promised to post to him. At the same time he was due to sit an examination, no passport NO EXAM! Picked up his passport from the authorities with NO VISA. Took the exam and came back here. Yesterday he went to Gatwick to catch a plane to Belgium where he intended to pick up his flight to Burundi (Africa). With no visa, if there was any delay in the long haul flight he would be unable to leave Brussels airport and would have to wait there...hey ho!
We think our systems are bad, imagine his predicament. He would have been stuck there because his paperwork made him an alien and transported back to the UK by the Belgian authorities!

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