Monday, 6 October 2008

just for emergencies......

Got back from my travels over the weekend and thought the above photo was rather apt with previous conversations about the lack of facilities in the town now. My bedroom for the Friday night had this magnificent piece of furniture as my bedside table. An original wash-stand without the matching wash bowl above but the marble top made a good depository for today's mod cons, including phone etc.

The journey was trouble free and a marvellous time was had by all to celebrate a 40th wedding anniversary and some of the speeches from friends and relatives of my era made for interesting listening. The younger generation looked on in amazement that their parents/relatives could have behaved in such a way! Made them realise there was such a time as the 'swinging sixties' and it wasn't just something thought up as a 'history lesson' for them. Some of the fashions worn by their parents and their hairstyles proved they were there and the 'old men' of now did have hair!

I took the opportunity of using almost an hour of video footage which I can play with and send them a DVD for them to keep as a memory of the occasion.

When we finally finished, I fell into bed and the following morning finished my stay with a swim in the pool, steam bath, sauna and a 'proper' breakfast. Duly nourished I returned home during the day through rain storms flooded roads to our part of the globe. Today it was back to reality and catch up with normal life until the next chance to wander down 'memory lane'......

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