Friday, 10 October 2008


In my order of preference:

  • We've got our own Town Council from next year and God bless all who sail in her. At least they've got plenty to work on. Just walking about locally will ensure there's no shortage of projects for improvement in the area...

  • Phase 1 of China Gateway has received the go ahead including all the amendments required to make sure it is 'safe to do so'!

The residents of Acol and the surrounding areas that are now blighted with what looks like a hell on earth scenario; must be sitting on a time bomb if they need to sell up.

I came past Richborough this morning and noticed apart from the 'Siemans' signs on the fencing, there was very little else going on. ECR published a problem with the wind farm development on one of his postings. I expect with the shortage of cash, it'll go on hold for the time being along with much other development; as one of my commentators has said to my thoughts about leaving demolished sites empty for a while.

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