Thursday, 20 September 2007

family and weather....

Made a visit to the 'little people' this afternoon and both Phoebe and Neve are growing so quickly. Having chased round the floor with Phoebe with Neve thinking that it looked fun 'I think I'll join in' but when you're 11months old and your sister Phoebe is 3 almost 4. The older one tends to muscle in to beat up her grandad first before Neve gets a look in but that will change soon, I'm sure!
The weather has finally become autumnal and the heating is now on until about May next year. It was nice to come home from my family visit and be greeted by a warm and cosy house. My guests from warmer countries have been saying how cold it's become this week. Mind you they'e dressed for summer in light clothing and don't understand woolly jumpers and warm winter coats... They'll learn or they'll freeze come November!

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