Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Fondue evening...

One of the good things about accommodating people from different countries is their tastes in food and the preparation of it. I've a partiality to cheese in all it's different forms including fresh or cooked. Bearing that in mind, I've never had the Swiss fondue. When Peter returned from his latest home trip he brought with him the full oufit for cooking and serving 10 people with the hot cheese dip. So it was decided to have a special evening devoted to Peter and his friend Dimitri's presentation of a typical Swiss meal. Accompanied by Swiss white wine and Schnaps; the evening was rounded off by a photo presentation of skiing from Peter with technical help from Stefan. As it was such a success we decided unanimously to repeat the occasion again in the near future.
At the end of it all it was decided to add to the 'penny bottle'. As you can see from the photo it's filling nicely and we should see the emptying and bagging of the contents shortly. Watch this space for more news and the presentation of the 'proceeds' cheque to charity in due course.

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