Monday, 29 October 2007

Ramsgate clocks the time...

After my comments yesterday regarding Gwyn's clock in the town centre, another gem has appeared. It's to be found at the old gas offices in Boundary Road next to the eye sore which used to be a gas holder station that's owned by Transco the company that the pipes gas around this area. As you can see from the close up picture; at the moment apart from showing the wrong time, the photo was taken at 09.52, it looks good.
I hope thet when the 'powers that be' decide to do something with the building and its surrounding land they will look after this interesting little bit of our town and not consign it to the scrap heap for re-cycling along with the gas holders...
If anyone has any similar landmarks that look as though they could be perilously close to destruction. Let me have a photo with some narrative.
While in the area I was impressed with the Aldi store which replaced the old Invicta garage. Now that's what I call 'in keeping'. Just look at the brick and stone of the clock tower and the fact that they've used similar colours and materials for the Aldi building mmm... Lets hope whoever gets the land for developement from Transco uses as much thought and consideration when submitting their plans and not just see how much they can squeeze onto the site!

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