Saturday, 6 October 2007

in the pink...!

Been a little bit rushed off the feet since I last spoke. Peter's bike packed up again! Flat tyre, gears... and brakes, mmm... Phoned the man and he assured me he'd be down to sort it. He did and so far, as I told him when he phoned today, no problems. Peter's gone home to Switzerland for a long weekend so maybe next week he can go personally to the Bike Shop and talk to Ken, who has worked hard to sort out the problems. What a change from my ongoing exterior decorating problem. Still, more on that when I hear what's happening in the hopefully, not too distant future.

Made an appointment to have a personal MOT with my local GP and the first thing he said was 'have you been keeping out of mischief?'. Has he been reading my profile or was it just a luck guess? The answer was yes, just... Everything tested OK so that's it for another 6 months or so.

Now the surgery has moved to this super duper NHS funded new building overlooking Sir Moses's missus burial plot. I thought I'd have a nice walk along the sea front and visit the newly refurbished Italianate greenhouse in the grounds of the old EastCliff Lodge. What a treat but the vandals have struck again, smashing some of the fishtail glass panels! I'm afraid there's no point in throwing money at these projects if you don't leave enough in the kitty for security and maintenance. Once the capital expenditure's been made, that's it...
I said I wasn't going to use my blog site for any form of argument but it seems this wonderful piece of Ramsgate on which a lot of money has been spent will be ruined again. But, doesn't that apply to many projects nationally unless allowance is made for that essential TLC and that costs money!!

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