Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Spoon heads home and a moan

This afternoon Spoon went home to his family and will be sorely missed here. Having said that I can't see me having another pet of any description, they do rule your life! No doubt he'll be back next year...
Peter's bike was poorly, something about gears, brakes and another flat rear tyre, a slow puncture! Took it to the bike shop and they cured it so he's buzzed off this afternoon, round Kent somewhere.
On Tuesday night I played host to a stray guest who'd arrived in the UK and surfaced in Ramsgate about 10 o'clock in the evening. Frantic phone call from you know where; could I accommodate him for one night? Well it's Wednesday night and he's still here with a view to going to new accommodation tomorrow. Oh and he hardly speaks a word of English but that didn't stop him buying a carrier bag of snack food from Iceland. Well, it's good for the town's economy!
This morning's post included some stuff my surveyor required to complete his report on the rubbish job the contractors did of decorating the outside of my house. Every 't' has to be crossed and 'i' dotted and compliance with all the latest H & S edicts, I'm glad the professionals understand it and why the completed job is a patchy excuse for what should've been the 'icing on the cake'. I'll stop wingeing and just wait for the report to be produced. As I keep saying 'watch this space'.

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love your animals and they'll love you in return!