Friday, 26 October 2007

the weekend ahead...

I know the weekend is upon us. My encumbents (students) start to go on their jaunts visiting the sites near and far. Some manage to get out across to France for the day or venture up north to Scotland by coach.

It seems to be the thing now to go to European countries for the weekend. The Eurostar train service that stops at Ashford International (from November Ebbsfleet!) on its way to London from France and Belgium. Has certainly widened the appeal of our area for foreign students studying English language. Peter whose picture I've uploaded above is going home to Switzerland for the weekend. He's got a meeting today, several meetings tomorrow and then journeys back here on Sunday ready for his Monday morning class at 9am. Stefan a student from 2 years ago (pictured left) is here in the UK and pops in to see us will be going back to Germany this weekend by train. His return here to Ramsgate next week will be marked by the eating of the lovely German breakfast rolls for a few days.

My daughter confirmed her family's availibility for Christmas Day lunch at the Minnis Bay Restaurant. So no washing and clearing up just feast and enjoy for this special day... Going to enjoy the 'small people's' company over the Christmas break.

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