Wednesday, 9 January 2008

comments...and thoughts of Pleasurama...

I'm really quite excited! I'm getting some comments on the blog entries...
I've managed to keep out of any arguments about anything that might upset readers. Mid-morning I went for my usual constitutional and could probably fill a book about things I don't like and could take to our illustrious Island rulers. Mostly as I've said before things here are pretty OK. If you try making a debit and credit list round the area; we do well. Yes, I know we pay dearly for the facilities but who doesn't in our County in this post Millenium period?

While on my wanders round the Pleasurama site, I thought, by developers standards the site while being prime in its location, is small.
As I understand it, whatever is there must not only pay for development costs, running costs and a reasonable profit for the investment; it has to look good now and in the foreseable future. Instead of strengthening the existing crumbling cliff face, lets burrow through it. Right up to the Crescent building foundations under the existing gardens and bandstand area. In this day and age, air conditioning would enable this underground development to be used in conjunction with the existing visible sea front site. The area of development is increased, maybe enough to make it worth while and keep all parties happy. Is it possible? Any comments?


Eastcliff Richard said...

Um, are you sure you've thought that through? I mean, who's going to pay for all that burrowing? To be honest I doubt if the Pleasurama eyesore, already ten years in the making, will be built on before another ten years have passed.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mitch my name is Isaac and i'm from London. Ive just purchased a property in Ramsgate and due to move down there in the next month so I was wondering the "GO" with the Pleasurama site? Is it still going to be cinemas and cafe's (well that was my understanding) so any any info, details or links to web pages would be great...Thanks loads



Anonymous said...

It seems like a good idea to me but I'm no expert on this topic. Michael Child ( is likely to have more insight and has commented extensively on the subject of such developments.

Mitch said...

Hi Richard,
Bearing in mind how many millions have been spent to get HGV's from the main road to the port.
Would this small change deter the likes of the Richrdsons or Carillon who've developed Westwood Cross?

Mitch said...

Hi Isaac,
Welcome to our Sceptered Isle especiallly this end Eastcliff. I made that journey from the smoke with all the family in tow 34 years ago. The family have all grown up and gone but yours truly is still here and loving every minute of it.
In answer to your question about Pleasurama, God only knows!
For further in depth details go to Michael Child's site, he's got the book shop in King Street and he'll take you through chapter and verse.
Good luck to you and the family in all your endeavours, keep blogging!