Wednesday, 17 September 2008

easy life! With links..... offering 'links' to the site I'm referring to, it seems to make life easier for the reader. maybe the word spreads about different site contents once they've been opened.. They've only got to click their mouse and 'hey presto' you're there!

Peter Checksfield commented on how we'd managed to develop a good relationship between our local sites and their content. Yes, I think we do influence the local papers; after all it's probably 'old news' to the net community!

I understand how his 'lighter side' to other peoples problems comes about....! To me the human body is not a pretty sight when age takes its toll... but who cares? I've no intention of stripping off but I might go into shorts for the Thanet 2009 season, I draw the line at wearing one of Michaels 'T' shirts, just a tad too colourful for me!

Today things are quiet but could this be the lull before the storm? According to the news, money's getting tight and pretty soon we'll run out of different banks in which to store the little we have! I must admit 1974 was more frightening to me personally and I was in an excellent job in those days. Not a poor old pensioner on a limited income.....aahh I hear you say!


Peter Checksfield said...

Hi Mitch, I've added a link to your blog (on my blog sidebar). Keep up the good work, always nice to have a good varied point of view on Thanet!

PJK said...

I agree, Mitch. I'm not into all this nudity myself - shudder - but I respect the right of people like Peter to pursue his chosen art. He isn't hurting anyone, his models are all adults & know what they're doing. I just close my eyes as I scroll down his blog & open them tentatively to see if I've passed the piccies & found the words !! :o)

Variety is the spice of life & IMO, the local blogs are helping to keep us informed of what's going on & also giving us some light relief in a world of grot & uncertainty.