Tuesday, 16 September 2008

...still looking!

My 'in box' answered a query from a Belgian fellow student and set me off to find an answer to their question...! All done and sent... Must have done the trick 'cos there's nothing from them today. Instead a Swiss student decided to come back with travel details concerning his arrival here in Ramsgate; he's coming for a holiday...! Yes, most of my visitors love our 'quaint' town in which to base themselves and come back to explore it going further into Kent and even braving the London Underground to get about our wonderful Capital city. Frightens me but they love it and come back describing in graphic detail some of their adventures... I se their views of our London land marks; Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, London and Tower Bridges, the River Thames et al., with an exciting and new perspective!

In answer to Matt B, http://thanetstar.com/ between Michael and Richard, I'm amazed how they both find time for anything else. With the research carried out for Thanetonline how the bloke manages to run a successful business and field the TDC research on many subjects at the same time. With ECR, http://eastcliffrichard.blogspot.com/ I notice that anything he publishes from whatever source including contributions from other 'bloggers' always raises a comment or two! That's just two of the many interesting sites we're fortunate to have commenting on our area....

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Peter Checksfield said...

If there's one thing that Thanet can be very proud of then it's the local blogging scene! What's more, it now seems to be finally influencing people who don't even use the internet (as well as providing many of the "news" stories in our local press).

Hopefully my own blog shows Thanet from a slightly, er, different perspective from everyone else though... ; )