Monday, 15 September 2008

.....having a look!

......still full of aches and pains! So I thought I'd surf the net in between my pre-amble studies! Looked at Michael's site and I'd be very suprised if a sensible decision is taken with reference to the Manston development. I'm afraid with all the brown field sites available here it would be ridiculous to use prime agricultural land to build on. Surely there might be a case for it if we'd run out of dilapidated eyesores to demolish/convert but we haven't, have we?

I see Richard has brought the sea front Casino building back into the news. Surely Weatherspoons haven't got that much money to waste before the doors are even open. Do we really want another place similar to the Sovereign, this time right on the sea front?

My e mail inbox flashed up with a response to my 'studies query'; it's from Belgium! Lets go and have a look...

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Anonymous said...

When I was last on I noticed that Michael had gotten hold of some more of the planning documents. I'm always impressed with how hard he works with the council to get this information. I'd have given up long ago.